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Lezyne Gravel Floor Drive Pro pump review

Smart-looking pump for mid-volume tyres

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3.0 out of 5 star rating 3.0
GBP £110.00 RRP
Lezyne Gravel Floor Drive Pro

Our review

High-end materials and aesthetics match the Floor Drive Pro's price tag, but flawed design features and poor build quality let it down
Pros: Good pumping action
Cons: Poor quality control; slow to use; hard to read gauge
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The Lezyne Gravel Floor Drive Pro is a gravel-specific track pump designed for mid-volume tyres, but the brand says the pump works with other tyre types too.


It’s good-looking with a decent action, but the build quality is not up there with the best bike pumps.

I inflated a 29×2.4in tyre to 25psi, which took 25 plunges of the pump’s handle, making it one of the least efficient pumps I’ve tested on high-volume tyres.

Lezyne Gravel Floor Drive Pro pump spec and performance

The battery for the digital dial is easily replaced via a penny-slot hatch.
Nick Clark / Our Media

There is an 88.9mm digital gauge at the pump’s base. On my test model, the gauge was off-centre, with a larger panel gap on one side of the gauge than the other.

The gauge’s LCD screen can show both psi and bar measurements, which can be selected using the button on the display. I found the display quick to scuff, with the screen made from a soft plastic.

The gauge proved accurate compared to my benchmark pump, a Topeak JoeBlow. However, I found it hard to decipher what the exact pressure was when inflating a tyre because when the handle was plunged it gave a much higher psi reading than what was actually in the tyre.

The head has a quality feel but is let down by its functionality.
Nick Clark / Our Media

The head of the Lezyne Gravel Floor Drive Pro only inflates Presta valves and is attached using a thread. While this may create a good connection, it has a horrible habit of unscrewing valve cores when you least expect it.

This issue can be mitigated by using the decompression button on the head, though the system still takes longer than most other heads.

The screw-on head also lead to a burst of air being let out of the tyre when removing it from the stem, something I had to account for when setting pressures.

I also found tubeless valve stems had to be fully tightened to stop them from spinning around when attaching the head.

An adaptor on the face of the head can be switched around to an M6x0.8 size for seating tubeless tyres.

The handle of the Gravel Floor Drive Pro harks back to track pumps of old.
Nick Clark / Our Media

The stained wooden handle is aesthetically pleasing, but it was also comfortable in my hand and adds to the pump’s high level of ergonomics.

I found the base to be stable, enabling hard pumping efforts with both feet. It does have a tendency to topple backwards under one-foot pumping though.

The 1,200mm nylon-covered hose extends from the base of the pump, allowing for valves to be reached on the floor and when your bike is in a bike repair stand.

The hose loops over the top of the handle to secure it, with the head attaching neatly to the baseplate.

The head feels as though it could easily come away from the pump during transportation.
Nick Clark / Our Media

Unfortunately, I didn’t find the hose storage to be that functional because the head relies on the tension of the hose to stay seated in the jaws, which made it easy to remove accidentally.

Lezyne says the pump is fully rebuildable, and offers various spares. Despite its shortcomings, this could make the pump an appealing choice if you want to avoid sending a broken pump to a landfill site.


Lezyne Gravel Floor Drive Pro pump bottom line

While the Gravel Floor Drive Pro pump has a smart aesthetic and is made using some high-quality materials, there are too many flaws to warrant its price of over £100.

Product Specifications


Price GBP £110.00
Brand Lezyne


Features Digital dial, M6x0.8 adapter
Max pressure 100 psi
Pressure gauge Digital
Pump type Track/floor pump