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Feedback Pro Mechanic HD Bike Repair Stand review

Feedback’s new flagship workstand is lightweight and portable 

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4.0 out of 5 star rating 4.0
GBP £499.00 RRP | USD $395.00 | EUR €495.00 | AUD $599.00
Feedback Pro Mechanic HD Bike Repair Stand on the road

Our review

A mostly excellent repair stand compromised by a solid but not perfect clamp
Pros: Wide and sturdy base; easy to fold and store; lightweight; accessory compatibility  
Cons: Clamp design not perfect; not aero-seatpost friendly  
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The Pro Mechanic HD Bike Repair Stand is Feedback’s new flagship, portable repair stand with a tube-mounted clamp.


The American brand is a stalwart in the world of workstands (and workshop tools by extension). The Pro Mechanic HD replaces Feedback’s Pro Elite stand.

In testing, the Pro Mechanic HD has proven to be a mostly excellent stand, with only its clamp preventing it reaching perfection.

Feedback Pro Mechanic HD Bike Repair Stand specifications and details

The base is nice and sturdy.
Oscar Huckle / Our Media

The Feedback Pro Mechanic HD workstand is constructed from oversized and anodised 6061 T6 aluminium for corrosion resistance and durability.

Feedback says the stand’s tubes are 30 per cent larger in diameter than its other workstands for increased strength and stability.

The tripod base has been revamped and now includes ribbed leg braces for stiffness, as well as replaceable bumpers at the feet. Feedback says the Pro Mechanic HD has a 7 per cent larger footprint compared to its other stands.

The feet bumpers are replaceable.
Oscar Huckle / Our Media

The stand is claimed to weigh 8kg (my sample weighed in significantly under that at 7.53kg) and folds down to 21x115cm. The maximum weight limit is 45.4kg.

At the stand’s minimum height, the centre of the clamp is 106cm off the floor and 168cm at its maximum – a good range for all but the tallest mechanics.

A repair stand lives and dies by the quality of its clamp and Feedback has improved the clamp on this stand compared to the outgoing Pro Elite. The clamp jaws have been strengthened and can accept seatpost diameters up to 2.6in.

A release button and quick-spinning knob comprise the clamp.
Oscar Huckle / Our Media

You can now close the clamp with one hand thanks to its quick-spinning knob. The clamp has a release button so you can quickly remove the bike from the stand.

Feedback has made the clamp jaws replaceable. With the abuse workstands endure, the jaws need to be replaced from time to time, to avoid marking the seatpost on your pride and joy – so kudos to Feedback for doing this.

Like all the best bike repair stands, the Pro Mechanic HD enables you to mount accessories so everything is stored in one place and within arm’s reach.

The magnetic strip is handy for storing a tool temporarily.
Oscar Huckle / Our Media

On the opposite side of the clamp’s release button is a magnetic strip to mount workshop tools.

Feedback says you can mount its single-armed Pro Truing Stand on the top of the stand if you need to true a wheel. You can also mount the brand’s Team Edition Tool Kit, although you’ll need an additional support strap, which retails for $6.

Because the stand’s tubes are larger in diameter than others in Feedback’s range, you cannot fit the brand’s Tool Tray onto them. However, Feedback says you can mount the tray above the clamp jaw. This is useful if you want somewhere to store a shop towel or tools you’re using for a job.

A Pro Mechanic HD Repair Stand Travel Bag is sold separately and retails for $48/€57.

Feedback Pro Mechanic HD Bike Repair Stand performance

The stand remains upright when fully folded.
Oscar Huckle / Our Media

I’ve been putting this stand through the wringer on a number of overdue servicing jobs.

The stand comes ready to use out of the box, with no assembly required other than to unfold it. This is achieved in three easy steps and, once you’re familiar, should take around 30 seconds.

The first step is the most fiddly part of setting up the stand because the tripod legs don’t extend under their own weight. There is a 1.5mm hex bolt on the underside of each quick-release collar if you wish to adjust the tension.

With the base unfolded and the stand height set, the clamp can then be unfolded.
Oscar Huckle / Our Media

To clamp a bike in the stand, position the seatpost in between the clamp jaws and push on the front of the clamp to lock it in place. You can then use the knob to perform any micro-adjustments. To remove a bike from the stand, simply press the quick-release button and the clamp will undo fully.

There was a fair amount of play in the clamp head on my sample, but Feedback says this is completely normal because “the ratcheting quick-close design requires a certain amount of play”.

The wide 124x124cm base of the stand gives it excellent stability, even when working on full-suspension mountain bikes.

The clamp is vastly superior to Feedback’s previous versions, which I have experience of using in workshops over the years, but it remains the Achilles heel on this stand.

The clamp holds the seatpost at the sides.
Oscar Huckle / Our Media

The best clamps grab the seatpost quickly and hold it tight without slipping. In my opinion, Park Tool’s 100-25D is the clamp to beat and, if money were no option, it would be Efficient Velo Tools’ Right Arm Repair Clamp.

Unlike the aforementioned clamps (as well as those from the majority of manufacturers) that clamp the seatpost at the front and back, Feedback’s clamp is at the sides, with the adjustment handle in front. This isn’t as ergonomic and means I have to stand in a different place to work on or mount/dismount a bike.

The angle of the clamp can be adjusted infinitely.
Oscar Huckle / Our Media

The other disadvantage of this design is Feedback doesn’t endorse using the stand with an aero seatpost. The brand instead recommends its axle-mounted Sprint Repair Stand for aero seatposts.

That didn’t stop me from testing the stand on a range of seatposts.

As expected, the clamp works best with round seatposts, although on some occasions with it fully tightened, I could get it to slip.

This Pinarello aero seatpost fared reasonably well, but the fit wasn’t the most secure.
Oscar Huckle / Our Media

The clamp performed admirably on D-shaped posts and, while it held an aero seatpost reasonably securely, I’d recommend opting for a different stand if you’re intending to work predominantly on a bike with an aero post.

While it may seem a minor note, I was really impressed by the packaging. Other than a plastic postage envelope, all of the packaging is made of cardboard and has no staples, so it can be recycled easily.

Feedback Pro Mechanic HD Bike Repair Stand bottom line

There’s a lot to like about Feedback’s latest flagship stand.
Oscar Huckle / Our Media

I was largely impressed by the Feedback Pro Mechanic Bike Repair Stand in testing.

The stand is one of the easiest I’ve used to fold and unfold. The low weight makes this stand an excellent travel option and the corrosion-resistant finish should mean it’ll last for years.

Its small profile and ability to stand up by itself when folded mean it’s ideal if you live in a small flat, or if you want to chuck it in the back of your car.


With some further revisions to the clamp design, and provided you’re not predominantly using the stand with an aero seatpost, it’s pretty close to perfect.

Product Specifications


Price AUD $599.00EUR €495.00GBP £499.00USD $395.00
Weight 7.53g – Actual weight
Year 2023
Brand Feedback sports


Features New tripod base, ribbed leg braces, replaceable feet bumpers, ratcheting quick-close design clamp, Oversized Tri Knob
Clamp height max 168cm
Clamp height min 106cm
Folding Yes
Load capacity 45.4kg