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Syncros Vernon 3.0TR pump review

Premium plastic pump for mountain bikes

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4.0 out of 5 star rating 4.0
GBP £59.99 RRP
Syncros Vernon 3.0TR

Our review

The Syncros Vernon 3.0TR is a solid performer, balancing affordability and large-volume inflating efficiency
Pros: Very efficient for high-volume tyres; great build quality; good-size head
Cons: Baseplate is quite flexible
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The Syncros Vernon 3.0TR is a mountain-bike specific track pump, with a claimed 665cc volume.


I found the pump to be very quick in inflating mountain bike tyres, requiring only 19 strokes to inflate a 29×2.4in tyre to 25psi.

However, it’s not as efficient as Topeak’s JoeBlow Tubi 2Stage, which managed it in 13 strokes.

Syncros Vernon 3.0TR pump spec and performance

A Schrader adaptor is included on the base of the pump.
Nick Clark / Our Media

The 3in analogue dial reads up to 60psi in 5psi increments, which makes it easier to read than standard track pumps when inflating to the lower tyre pressures you run with mountain bikes.

The head on the Vernon 3.0TR is only compatible with Presta valves, though the brand supplies a brass Schrader adaptor that can be stored on the baseplate.

The small head allows for easy installation on all wheel sizes.
Nick Clark / Our Media

The face of the head can be unscrewed and flipped to reveal an M6x0.8 fitting for seating tubeless tyres. I found the Vernon 3.0TR was able to seat a tubeless tyre without this.

The small head size proved useful when inflating smaller tyres, but this means there’s little stem insertion, which can make it difficult to tell if the head is seated.

Initially, the lever at the rear of the head was difficult to pull back. This loosened up after some use, but I found the snap closure unpredictable, often hitting my fingernail.

The flat handle feels good in the hand.
Nick Clark / Our Media

The handle of the Vernon 3.0TR is wide and flat, providing an efficient bar to transfer power. A hollow underside cheapens the feel slightly, though.

Considering the amount of plastic used in the construction, Syncros has made the connection between the plunger and cylinder very tight, which gives the pump a high-quality feel.

The 1,200mm hose extends up from the plastic trident stand, enabling easy attachment to valves regardless of whether your bike is stored on the floor or in a bike repair stand.

The pump’s base flexed under one-foot pumping, but was sturdy when used with two feet. However, the section of the base with the dial flexed when I pumped quickly.

Like many of the best track pumps, the hose loops over the handle to secure it and is held in place by two clips on the collar of the cylinder.

The clips on the Syncros hold the hose well, making it easy to detach when needed.

Syncros Vernon 3.0TR pump bottom line

The clips on the collar of the pump are a simple, yet effective way of retaining the hose.
Nick Clark / Our Media

Overall, the Vernon 3.0TR is a top performer that combines a high-quality plastic construction with great efficiency and ergonomics.


The only notable negative in testing was the way the base flexed when under duress.

Product Specifications


Price GBP £59.99
Year 2023
Brand Syncros


Features High-volume, M6x0.8 adapter, Schrader adapter
Max pressure 60 psi
Pressure gauge Analogue
Pump type Track/floor pump