CeramicSpeed says its new UFO Drip Wet chain lube is made for ultra-long distances and bad weather

Two new lubes and a bike wash added to UFO range

UFO Drip Wet and All Conditions chain lube

CeramicSpeed has expanded its UFO range of drivetrain efficiency products with separate wax chain lubes for wet weather and indoor riding.


The range, launched after CeramicSpeed acquired Friction Facts in 2017, now features smaller chain lube bottle sizes, reduced from 180ml to 100ml.

The UFO Drip Wet and UFO Drip Indoor are priced at $24 for a 100ml bottle.

CeramicSpeed has renamed its original product, UFO Drip Chain Coating, as UFO Drip All Conditions. It will also be sold in a 100ml bottle for $24.

Alongside the new chain lubes, CeramicSpeed has also released a UFO ‘eco-friendly’ bike wash.

UFO Drip Wet

CeramicSpeed now offers two UFO chain lubes for outdoor riding.
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CeramicSpeed says the wet-weather wax lube was developed with WorldTour teams, such as Intermarché-Circus-Wanty, during the 2022 season.

The team’s head mechanic, Mikey Van Kruiningen, says the UFO Drip stays on for 300km and “we can rely on it in bad conditions”.

Professional gravel racer Brennan Wertz also says UFO Drip Wet lasted the duration of last year’s mucky edition of Unbound Gravel, although this claim does come from UFO’s press material.

In a lab test, where water was applied constantly to a chain, CeramicSpeed says Drip Wet was better than its competitors in terms of watts lost over five hours.

The original UFO chain lube has been rebranded as an ‘All Conditions’ option.
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“The protocol for the wet condition test is quite straightforward,” reads CeramicSpeed’s press material. “Add a chain – coated with UFO Drip Wet Conditions – to an automated drivetrain that can uphold 250 watts with no fluctuation at a speed of 56 km/h. Water will constantly be supplied to the chain during the entire test period.

“After 20 minutes, we remove the chain and check the ‘loss of watts’. Then we add it again to our water test. Every hour after that, we repeat the watt loss test. This process continues for five straight hours.”

CeramicSpeed says external testing is also being carried out by Adam Kerin of Zero Friction Cycling. The brand says it will publish this data when it is available.

UFO Drip Indoor

The UFO Drip Indoor chain lube is new, too.
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CeramicSpeed says its Drip Indoor delivers the benefits of using a waxed chain on your smart trainer without shedding excess wax onto your floor.

The brand claims to have adjusted the formula of its chain lube to maximise efficiency while minimising build-up of wax on the chain.

UFO Bike Wash

A bike wash has been added to the range, which also includes a drivetrain cleaner and bearing cleaner.
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The UFO Bike Wash is said to be an eco-friendly, perfume- and scent-free foaming bike soap.

CeramicSpeed says it’s safe to use on all parts of your bike, so you won’t need to worry about contaminating your disc brakes when you clean your bike.


A 500ml bottle of UFO Bike Wash costs $22.