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Specialized declares endurance tyres dead with new Mondo all-road tyre

S-Works Mondo promises race-like speed

Specialized S-works Mondo at Paris-Roubaix Femmes

Specialized has announced the S-Works Mondo, a new road bike tyre said to be the “benchmark endurance all-road tyre”.


The brand says simple endurance tyres and all-weather tyres are “dead”, with consumers now wanting longer tread life and puncture protection without compromising on speed.

The tubeless road tyre is said to cater to this demographic while outperforming other tyres in the endurance category.

We spotted the new S-Works Mondo at the 2023 Paris-Roubaix, where it was used by Peter Sagan. It was also used at the 2023 Paris-Roubaix Femmes.

Specialized says the tyre sits between its turbo and Roubaix tyres. It is available in three sizes and will cost £55/$80.

Long tread life no longer enough

Specialized says riders want “race-like speed” without compromising on puncture protection or tread life.
Eloise Mavian /

Specialized says the “concept of a simple ‘endurance tyre’ or ‘all-weather tyre’ is dead” and puncture protection and long tread life are no longer enough for an endurance road bike tyre.

The S-Works Mondo is said to be for riders who want to ride every road and achieve “race-like speed” without compromising on puncture protection or tread life.

These claims are similar to those made by other brands and reflect a wider trend away from winter tyres that compromise on speed.

For instance, the Pirelli P-Zero Race 4S is said to combine a “racing feeling” with enough durability for four-season use.

Elsewhere, the Continental GP5000 AS TR is said to have the puncture protection of the brand’s winter-ready Grand Prix 4 Season tyre, but enough speed for cyclists who want to go fast all-year round.

Two compound mixtures

The tyre uses two compound mixes.

In order to create a fast-but-durable tyre, Specialized says it has two compounds in the S-Works Mondo.

Like the S-Works Turbo launched last year, the S-Works Mondo uses Specialized’s Gripton compound in two mixes, T2 and T5.

The T2 Gripton compound is used on the centre of the tyre for speed and durability.

Specialized uses T5 Gripton on the shoulder of the tyre for increased grip in wet and dry conditions.

While they share the same compound mixes, the two tyres differ when it comes to casings.

The Turbo has Specialized’s Blackbelt casing, which is claimed to be light and supple while providing effective puncture resistance for the brand’s ‘fastest’ tyres.

The Mondo is said to be the only tyre in Specialized’s range to use its 120 TPI Grid Race casing, which is said to have flexible, lightweight sidewall reinforcement and pinch-flat protection.

Better protection and lighter than competitors

Specialized says the Mondo has 11 per cent less rolling resistance than an unnamed, class-leading endurance tyre.

Specialized claims the S-Works Mondo has 11 per cent less rolling resistance than the “previous class-leading endurance tyre”.

It’s also said to have 12 per cent better puncture resistance than Specialized’s previous best performer. This is thanks to the Blackbelt Breaker puncture protection running along the centre of the tyres.

The brand also claims the S-Works Mondo to be 5 per cent lighter than “the nearest endurance tyre competition”.

Three sizes

The Specialized S-Works Mondo is available in three sizes.

The S-Works Mondo is available in three sizes: 700x28mm, 700x32mm and 700x35mm.

Specialized has provided recommended tyre pressures and approximate weights for each size:

  • 700x28mm: 70-95psi, approximate weight 310g
  • 700x32mm: 50-80psi, approximate weight 330g
  • 700x35mm: 50-80psi, approximate weight 360g

Specialized Romin Evo Pro with Mirror

The saddle uses recycled carbon fibre.

Specialized has also announced a new Romin Evo Pro with Mirror saddle, said to reduce pressure by 26 per cent.

The new saddle uses the same 3D-printed pad as the S-Works Romin Evo Pro with Mirror, but it has a nylon and reclaimed carbon fibre shell, along with hollow titanium rails.


The saddle will be available in two widths – 143mm and 155mm – and will cost £290/$325.